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50 Red Wiggler Worms (Pick Up)



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Included in  your order:

  • 50 Adult Red Wiggler Worms
  • Worm Composting Quick Start Guide

Red Wigglers – Ideal for Vermi-Composting Red Wigglers, or Eisenia foetida, originate from Europe and are adapted to living in rotting vegetation and compost. They are rarely found in regular soil, hence they are the species of earthworms that are best suited for composting food waste.   Under ideal conditions, they consume half their weight in organic matter while doubling their population every few months.

Get Exactly What You Order Ordering worms by weight is tricky.  You never know how many worms you will actually get and it varies quite a lot depending on the supplier.  We will count the worms for you manually to ensure that you get the exact number of worms that you ordered.

Quick Start Guide We also include a Worm Composting Quick Start Guide that explains how to get your bin going to help you get started.

Pick Up Only: Worms will be are be available for Pick Up within three business days. Pick up is near Bloor and Bathurst. Days:  Tuesday to Sunday noon to 6pm.

We do not ship worms.


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