February 27, 2016


Thank you

I was originally unable to pick up my worms as a volunteer from Karma coop did not know that Toronto worms allows us to pick up them at this location. A very thoughtful, conscientious person from Toronto worms ensured the problem was resolved and gave us the worms even though the store was closed!! So appreciate the excellent customer service. And looking forward to providing compost for my new vegetables garden.

Elaine Smith

Amazing worms and customer service

Having done extensive research on vermicomposting and studied various set-ups online, I have decided to get my hands dirty and actually start a bin for myself. I built myself a custom bin and located a seller through kijiji. To my surprise he sold me less than a dozen of worms for $40 (though he claimed it would be over 1 pound). Then I found Torontoworms.com. For $40 they sold me a copious amount of worms. They were also very forthcoming in sharing information about vermicomposting and providing guidance. I would recommend them to any of my friends who decide to get into this.


The worms are lively …

We really found the worms to be very lively when the box was opened. Nice colour and full bodied. Thanks !!

Liz Gibbs

It’s so great to finally get started!

I had been thinking about doing this for such a long time, and it’s so great to finally have a bin going. Thanks so much for helping me achieve that goal!
All the best,
Ashley Barron
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