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The City of Toronto Recommends Worm Composting


According to the city of Toronto, worm composting “is a very convenient way of composting for apartment dwellers, school staff and students, persons with disabilities, office workers, elderly persons and anyone else who would have difficulty maintaining an outdoor compost pile.”

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1 thought on “The City of Toronto Recommends Worm Composting

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to say that Toronto needs more of us, doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint, and lessening the amount of items that we send to landfills. Vermicomposting is definitely one way in which I have been doing my part to contribute; decreasing the quantity of food that I send out to the garbage Trucks. Its not expensive to do, and if kids are in your household, its definitely a way to get them acting more responsibly towards food waste, and thats what we want right ? This also requires a shift in how we think and act towards food waste. I commend you for doing your part in increasing the the collective awareness towards this topic!

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