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January 29, 2023

Toronto Gardening Resources

Here are some notable Toronto gardening resources:

Toronto Urban Growers: This organization brings together individuals, groups, and organizations working to improve food security and food justice in Toronto. They provide resources and support for community gardens and urban agriculture projects, as well as advocacy and education on food policy issues.


The Stop Community Food Centre: The Stop’s Green Barns program provides support for community gardens and farming projects in low-income neighborhoods, with a focus on engaging youth and building community.


Not Far From The Tree: This organization is focused on urban fruit harvesting, with a goal of increasing access to healthy food while reducing waste. They coordinate volunteer teams to harvest fruit from private trees and distribute it to community organizations and individuals in need.


Toronto Master Gardeners: This organization provides gardening education and support to the public, with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. They offer workshops, clinics, and information resources for gardeners of all levels.


City of Toronto – Community Gardens: The City of Toronto provides support and resources for community gardens, including information on starting a new garden, obtaining a plot, and managing and maintaining an existing garden.


Green Thumbs Growing Kids: This organization is focused on engaging children and youth in gardening and food education, through after-school programs, summer camps, and school-based initiatives.


Toronto Community Garden Network: This network supports community gardening initiatives in Toronto, with a focus on networking, sharing resources, and promoting the benefits of community gardening.