Choosing the Perfect Space for Your Worm Bin

Unfortunately, we live in a climate that is not hospitable to red wiggler worms in winter.  That’s why many people set up a worm bin indoors, especially those living in apartments.  Here are various indoor spaces ideal for hosting a thriving worm bin. Kitchen: Placing your worm bin in the kitchen offers unparalleled convenience. It Read more about Choosing the Perfect Space for Your Worm Bin[…]

composting in winter

Composting with Worms in Winter

Worm composting is one of the only composting solutions that Canadians have  for the winter months. Adding food scraps to a frozen pile of compost outdoors is ineffective and often no fun indeed! But luckily worm composting can be done indoors. One would think that collecting food waste indoors would be a smelly operation. Surprisingly, Read more about Composting with Worms in Winter[…]