Composting with Worms in Winter

composting in winter

Worm composting is one of the only composting solutions that Canadians have  for the winter months. Adding food scraps to a frozen pile of compost outdoors is ineffective and often no fun indeed!

But luckily worm composting can be done indoors.

One would think that collecting food waste indoors would be a smelly operation. Surprisingly, however, a well-maintained worm bin has only a mild, earthy, natural smell that can not even be noticed unless one is standing very close by.

So how do you make sure your bin has no smell?

Very simply, don’t overfeed, and make sure to bury (or cover) all food that is added to the bin.  This will keep away fruit flies as well.   And yes, even in winter fruit flies can (magically) materialize out of thin air!

So if f you want to add a lot of food scraps to your bin, you need a lot of worms.  Red Wiggler Worms can eat up to half their weight per day. For 1/2 lb of food waste per day, you need 1 pound or at least 400 worms.

If don’t get this many worms to start with, reduce the amount of food waste accordingly while the population steadily increases, or simply order more worms from us here!





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