Worms Eat Leftover Lunches at the University of Toronto

Composting at the University of Toronto Anthony Davison

Anthony Davison with his Worm Inn vermicomposting project at the University of Toronto

Congratulations to Anthony Davison,  Communications Assistant of Procurement Services, for initiating a worm composting program in his office at the University of Toronto.

When asked if it was difficult to convince his coworkers to accept worms on the floor, he says that  some of them were interested, and others, including his director, said “As long as I don’t see or smell any worms at work, it’s fine. ”

Luckily for him, the worms were very happy in their “Worm Inn” that produced no absolutely smell. Tucked under a table, many at the office did not even notice it was there.

Since Anthony commenced composting in March of 2015, he estimates about 40 pounds of food waste have been diverted from landfills as a result of his project.

Way to go, Anthony!



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